Tips for the use of embroidery lining

Have you ever researched the precautions for embroidery interlining ?As we all know, embroidery lining is an indispensable accessory when we embroider. The role of the embroidery lining is to hold the embroidery, prevent the embroidery from wrinkling and prevent the stitches from sinking. In terms of material, embroidery lining can be divided into many types, the most common types are: paper lining, hot-melt lining, water-soluble lining.

How to start your embroidery business?

Nowadays, many people want to earn some income for their families by doing embroidery business. Today we will talk about the topic of starting an embroidery business for novice entrepreneurs. For those who have no experience, or want to start your embroidery business, please think carefully about all the advice I give next, I believe it will be very helpful to you.

What accessories will an embroidery machine need ?

Nowadays, embroidery is very popular among many friends. Some people are purely out of embroidery hobby, and some people want to start an embroidery business. When they first came into contact with embroidery, many people did not know much about embroidery machines, nor did they understand what accessories were needed to embroider their works. Some customers often ask: What accessories does your embroidery machine include? Today we will introduce the commonly used accessories for embroidery, including standard and optional accessories.

How to embroider 3D caps ?

Nowadays, many people love 3D caps, and many embroidery shop owners often receive orders for this kind of embroidered 3d hats. For the majority of embroidery shop owners, it is necessary to learn how to embroider this 3D cap, which will expand your business scope. Today we will share how to embroider 3D hats.

How to choose embroidery thread ?

Many of our customers often let us recommend suitable thread for them. Indeed, how to choose a embroidery thread from a wide variety of embroidery threads is really a trouble for a novice embroiderer. When you visit Amazon or other websites to seek for a embroidery thread, various threads enter your sights, different functions, different types, different materials. Then you may be tempted to shout: OH, NO ! In this blog, we would share how to choose different threads.

Some useful suggestions when digitizing embroidery patterns

It is true that designing a complex embroidery pattern requires brains, and there are many details that need to be paid attention to, otherwise, there will be big problems in the embroidery process. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out some advanced learning of embroidery design. In this blog, we’ll be sharing some useful practical suggestions about digitizing embroidery patterns.

Why the BAI MIRROR-1501 is the best choice for novice embroiderer ?

If you are a housewife with children or a beginner, and eager to start your own business; if you have a single needle embroidery machine and need to upgrade; if you are the owner of a small embroidery shop and want to expand your business; then our MIRROR-1501 model embroidery machine is your first choice. In this blog, we will tell you why the BAI MIRROR-1501 is the best choice for novice embroiderer.

How to choose bobbins ?

Many customers often face the problem of thread breakage or thread trimming when using embroidery machines. This phenomenon is abnormal. One of the most common reasons for this problem is that the customer uses a disposable bobbin. Today we are going to share in detail why there is this problem and how to choose and use the bobbin correctly.

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