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I Competitive Factory Price 

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III Top Model With Newest Design

IV Professional Engineering Service Supporting 


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Technology Upgraded

Technology Upgraded

BAI is always on the way for breakthrough embroidery technology. Such as more user-friendly control interface, 7× faster performance processor, innovative thread clamp, etc.
Easy Operation

Easy Operation

Very user-friendly operation logic, easily to learn & operate, even if you don't have any experience in operating embroidery machine, you can learn it quickly by following the operation video.
Reliable After-sales

Reliable After-sales

Sales is just the beginning of our service. You will get help from our delicated service team by various means. BAI is always around at your Facebook, your WhatsApp, your Youtube.
Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

Reassuring door to door delivery service, secure stable stock help you receive machine on time. Start your business with BAi right away. Time is ticking, come on, let's make money from now on.


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Los Angeles Office: 11089 Tacoma Drive, Rancho Cucamonga,CA 91730,USA

Atlanta  Office: BC-GA:2751 Buford Highway NE, Suite#200 Buford, GA 30518

Houston Office: 7207 N Loop E,Houston,Tx 77028


I Wire- wide delivery service in USA.

7 days pick up door to door service supporting.

Flexible pick up delivery service Supporting.


Machine au top et Service impeccable

Rated 5 out of 5

J'ai acheté ma Mirror en mars 2021 et je suis toujours autant satisfaite de cette machine ! A l'avenir je pense agrandir mon parc et en reprendre une autre !

Le service après vente est au top et même habitant en France je n'ai eu aucun soucis de compréhension !

Avatar for Vinciane Vadcard
Vinciane Vadcard

Love my BAi

Rated 5 out of 5

This is my fourth embroidery machine and my first multi needle. Unlike my other machines that are in the shop at least once a year and cost quite a bit to maintain. I can maintain my BAi myself. Plus the cost was about half what I paid for my top of the line. And than I only got one needle now I have 15! If I run into trouble I can send a text and get help I've always received an answer in less than five hours. Who does that, Bai does. Celia helped me with purchasing and walked me through the process witch went smoothly. Recently Chris helped me solve a problem I was having he was just wonderfully nice. He told me what to do showed me videos, ones that I had watched before trying to figure this out myself but he gave me pointers that made all the difference and confidence that I could do it. Thanks to both of you I'm up and running.

Avatar for Beth Coffee
Beth Coffee

amazing to work with

Rated 5 out of 5

Celia was amazing to work with. She was extremely patient and professional during the research phase. Once purchased, she provided amazing assistance and got us out of some end-user errors I made when getting ahead of myself using the machine. it’s been smooth sailing. i can’t believe how well it does hats. That’s my main focus.

Avatar for Samuel Nieves
Samuel Nieves

really on top of everything

Rated 5 out of 5

Can’t beat the quality at an affordable price. Louisa Chen helped me and was such a pleasure to work with before, during and after the sale. she is on top of everything for you.

Avatar for Marc Carpenter
Marc Carpenter

awesome team and machine

Rated 5 out of 5

I would like to tell great thanks Bai enterprise and its awesome team.thank to Specially to Tina. she is a helpful person, she has been available for all my questions morning and night. I'm very happy, I advise Bai (embroidery enterprise) to everyone.

Avatar for Bamba

super excited to get started

Rated 5 out of 5

I highly recommend the BAI embroidery machine. I am super excited to get started. When delivered everything was neatly stacked and boxed. All the boxes are labeled, which makes it sooo much easier. I have done a lot of research, and BAI employees have been the absolute BEST with customer service. Any questions I have had they have been here for me every step of the way. Everyone has been super nice and soo helpful along the way. If you are going back and forth about purchasing… DO IT!

Avatar for Claire Caruso
Claire Caruso

Love this baby

Rated 5 out of 5

My agent Tina was very patient, attentive and knowledgeable. My machine came in a week and I'm in love! This baby is big, beautiful, frustrating, amazing all at the same time, but I wouldn't trade for the world. With any and everything you have a learning curve. I've successfully beat my obstacles thrown at me, but not without help from the the reps and the amazing BAI FB group members. I would definitely recommend this machine to any and everyone that is looking to upgrade to a bigger and better machine.

Avatar for Kenitha Brown
Kenitha Brown

very well made and sturdy

Rated 5 out of 5

Machine arrived on time and very well packaged. Very well made and sturdy. Instructional videos and Facebook groups are very helpful for setup and use. My sales rep Will is very knowledgeable and helped make the process as smooth as possible. Thank you

Avatar for Ashley Hoge
Ashley Hoge

everything more easy

Rated 5 out of 5

Best machine for the price,we have 2 now and already thinking in another one, Louisa have been a great help, very good after sales service, great experience and the USA warehouse is now making everything more easy

Avatar for Maurel

Great Machine, Great Price, Great Service, Great Returns

Rated 5 out of 5

Happy with my Bai Mirror 1501 - delivery to the UK took a little longer than expected but Celia kept me as up to date as possible and the driver actually helped unload and carry the machine too which was a real help.

Machine is reliable, has good performance but runs slower than my Happy Japan Voyager HCS1201 by quite some difference when it comes to trim times and satin stitching running the Bai at 800spm with a 4mm satin stitch can mean a speed of 450spm which feels really slow when the Happy will do 800 all day every day.

Overall the RTI on the Bai is the winning factor - I was able to earn the full machine cost within a few months of delivery through the extra work I could take on.

Questions I'd ask myself.

Am I happy with my purchase? - Yes... but as an experienced embroider I found it easy to set the machine for my needs (the tensions were not accurate on arrival and needed lots of adjustment upper and lower) if I were a newbie to multi needle machines it would have been a BIG learning curve.

Would I buy again? Yes...definitely, the value for money is great with the machine and so far its been running 5 days a week with minimal maintenance, hopefully this continues.

Would I recommend? Yes...Celia was great to deal with very patient and explained the whole process clearly and still takes time to check in and offer assistance when needed.

Did I think it was a scam? Sure I did, how can the machine be such a low cost? Why is a quarter of the cost of Ricoma models? Will it really arrive? Will I lose thousands of dollars? All these and more were worries I had and questions I needed answered before purchase. The old saying if something is too good to be true always came to mind. But with the payment being protected by AliBaba and not being paid over transfer or paypal to some unknown I had the reassurance that my transaction was genuine.

I've been able to increase output, increase customer base, and increase revenue which with the budget I had would not have been possible with a new machine anywhere else.

Avatar for Kirsty

really a surprise

Rated 5 out of 5

Love my new machine! it arrived in less than a week from a warehouse in Atlanta. For being such a big machine, it is surprisingly less noisy than my single needle. Also, my BAI agent, Tina, was very helpful, and not pushy at all. She answered all of my questions very fast, despite of the time difference. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Avatar for Maggie Hondal
Maggie Hondal

stitched out beautifully

Rated 5 out of 5

I was recommended the Bai embroidery machine and I got in contact with my rep Louisa who was highly recommend. Louisa is absolutely amazing. I had so many questions and she kindly answered all of them. I told her I would wait about 2-3 weeks before finalizing my decision and she was never pushy she understood. I would receive a messages

with some videos of the machine which left me more intrigued but I never felt pressured at all. I’ve used my machine a couple times so far and I absolutely love it. I still have questions as this is my first multineedle machine and I have been able to reach out to Louisa and she’ll send me videos promptly on how to address any topic I’m trying to learn. Louisa’s customer service is excellent, before, during and so far after my purchase. My mirror 1501 has stitched out beautifully I’m satisfied with my purchase thus far. I highly recommend the Bai embroidery machine and sales rep Louisa.

Avatar for Veronica Valadez
Veronica Valadez





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