Why Choose Online Video Call

Embroidery machine as a kind of industrial machinery, for many embroidery workers, sometimes they always encounter some conditions beyond their own knowledge, whether it is about using the problem or machine problem. Waiting for a technician to come to your home for repair is not the best choice in many cases, because of the high cost of repair on one hand and the time factor on the other. Imagine you have a mountain of orders waiting to be done and you can't afford to spend three days or more waiting for a technician to come and help you with your problem. This is where a service that can make an online video call with you anytime, anywhere to quickly help you troubleshoot and analyze the problem and give you a solution is especially important.


Many problems that are difficult for embroidery workers may be a minor problem for professional technicians. Instead of asking for help and spending a lot of time looking through manuals and looking for answers, you can simply contact your sales representative and have a video call with a professional technician from BAI Embroidery Machine, who will respond quickly to help and guide you to solve your problem.


If you are a BAI Embroidery Machine customer, you will enjoy this service for free, at no additional cost.

0 Profit Parts Support

If your machine is out of warranty and needs some replacement parts, then you can get zero profit parts and solutions from technicians directly from BAI, you don't have to pay unreasonable parts prices for failures that are not within your knowledge.

Start your embroidery journey with BAI

Rely on BAI, countless embroidery shops start their embroidery business from 0 to 1, becoming shop owners & going on benefits journey.

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