How Is The Self Pick-up Process ?

Timeliness of delivery is very important to start an embroidery business. Self-pickup not only saves delivery time, but also saves you shipping costs. You can drive to BAI's warehouse and pick up your machine, enjoy the scenery along the way and have fun picking it up. You can also book your own trucking company to pick up the machine for you, which also saves you shipping costs. After you order, the pickup is as follows:

Step 1

Select the nearest warehouse

Step 2

Receive your bill of landing

Step 3

Schedule a pickup

Step 4

Choose a suitable carrier

See Below For Details

Step 1: Select the nearest warehouse

BAI Embroidery Machine currently has four warehouses in the United States, which are located in Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta and Linden. Please check the location of the warehouses and choose the one that is suitable for your pickup.

Step 2: Receive your bill of landing

After your order has been placed, adv your picking up info to your sales representative, then BAI will send you the bill of landing. This is the only proof of your pickup and should not be disclosed. You can print it or show PDF version for pickup.

Step 3: Schedule a pickup

The warehouse is open from Monday to Friday, 09:00a.m. to 16:00p.m. (excluding holidays). You can choose a suitable time to go and pick up. Don’t forget to make a call with the telephone number on bill of landing, to make an appointment with warehouse in advance. Let the warehouse know the approximate time of your arrival and the size of your car's loading space, so that the warehouse can prepare the machine for you in advance.

Step 4: Choose a suitable carrier

A- Pickup truck
You can drive a pickup truck and the warehouse staff will put the machine on your truck free of charge using a lift.
You can also drive the SUV and the warehouse staff will help to unpack the wooden box and put the machine and all the accessories in your car. This service is available at an additional cost of $100.

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