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More About The Embroidery Machine

KESI series multi-heads industrial embroidery machine is with BARUDAN quality. Free your labor force and let you focus more on marketing business and increase sales. BAI KESI multi-heads machine is the next step to build a successful and profitable enterprise you have always dreamed of. 


Who are you similar to?
Has any other customer used this model?
Of course, many high-end customized stores, especially those that have used world brands, such as Tajima, Barudan and Melco, will choose to use HE series
Does this machine support continuous 24 hours high speed operation?
You know, embroidery machines, like cars, are not recommended to be used 24 hours a day and require proper pauses, maintenance
Can you provide the weight and size of the embroidery machine?
Net weight of the machine: 850kg ; Gross weight with package: 1050kg. Wooden case packing size:275*115*150cm ; Assembled size:273*99*145cm
What kind of container size does this machine need?
20 feet container, 2 units, top and bottom loading
I see your machine is very heavy, my shipping costs will be high, why is it so much heavier than others?
Firstly, double beam structure VS single beam structure. Secondly, steel thickness of the frame. Thirdly, the weight and stability of the multi-head machine determine the stability of the embroidery quality of the machine.
How long is the delivery time for this machine ?
OEM 25 days
Do I need to assemble the machine after receiving it?
No assembly required, works out of the box
Does this machine come with warranty?
Official warranty for machine is one year. But service is lifetime. Frankly speaking, The quality of our machines is very stable. The machine will be tested three times before leaving the factory to ensure that the machine is in the best condition when it arrives at your address. Some minor problems of the machine are usually caused by incorrect operation by novices, so we provide a full set of English instruction videos and common problem solving videos, To help users better understand it. On the other hand, we put a set of spare parts in the toolbox of the machine in advance. During your use, if you need any spare parts, we can send it to you via UPS, and it only takes 5-7 days to arrive at your door. During use, if you have any questions, we can make a video call at any time.
What if the machine is broken? Do you have localized maintenance?
All of our machines will be tested 3 times before shipping to ensure 100% ok. Once you start using machine, if you really met any problem need help, directly video with our engineers anytime available to get support, all can be solved easily and quickly.
Can accessories be easily bought if they are broken? Is it possible to buy locally?
No, all our accessories are developed and produced by ourselves. If the machine accessories are damaged, we can provide the purchase link of the accessories and reserve more than ten years of inventory for each accessory to support our customers.
What electronic control does this machine adopt ?
DAHAO D56 which is top1
Servo motors and stepper motors? My supplier tells us there is a difference, does it matter?
Very important; spindle motors are generally servo motors. If the x-axis motor, y-axis motor, and thread trimming motor are all servo motors, the embroidery will be more precise, the noise will be lower, and the thread trimming will be more stable.
What is Dual Cam Dual Drive? How come I didn't understand this?
Double cam drive is a special technical configuration of our machine. There is a process of acceleration and deceleration at the beginning and end of machine embroidery. During the process of acceleration and deceleration, the quality of embroidery is more stable.
Does this machine adopt 47 head ?
Yes, it adopts 47 head, which has advantages of stable operation at high speed, higher precision and low sound.
What is the difference between a curved needle plate?
The curved needle plate is more suitable for embroidering hard hats and thin fabrics
Do your machines have automatic oiling?
Yes, it has automatic oiling.
The height of the machine is too low. Can I make the machine higher?
You can increase the height. If you think the height of the current machine is not enough, you can use the four height-raising brackets attached to the machine. The installation is simple, just put the machine on it, level it, and tighten the fixing screws.
Can I customize the embroidery area of the multi-head machine? I want a larger embroidery area, is it ok?
Larger embroidery area can be customized, but delivery time will be extended
What is the lifespan of this machine?
For more than 10 years, all the parts of the machine are developed and produced by our company. For the precision of the parts of the machine, we can reach the wear life test of more than 10 years.
Is this machine difficult to learn?
Yes, we recommend that workers with professional embroidery machine operators buy it, because the electric controls of HE series machines are all top-level professional electric controls, which have high requirements for operators.
We've all used Barudan and Tajima machines before, they've been around for a long time. For multi-heads machines , we rarely dare to try to buy Chinese machines. What advantages do you have over them?
China's production plants are the largest production countries in the world, but there are basically no Japanese brand sales companies in the Chinese embroidery machine market. Just like the choice of Chinese factories 10 years ago, the first choice is the most branded machine , but now no factory chooses them at 5-10 times the price, and their company has withdrawn from the Chinese market.

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