How to use the Topwisdom 510 operation system?

Hello, friends, welcome to BAI. If you just receive the BAI machine but don’t know how to operate the Topwisdom 510 electronic control system, then this article would give you some help. For most embroiderers, the most frequently embroidered items are hats, T-shirts and flats. Today we will take these three kinds of embroidery as examples to introduce.

How to thread your BAI Machine?

Hello, guys, welcome to BAI. If you have received your BAI machine but don’t know how to thread it, then this blog would help you a lot.

How to open wooden case & assemble your BAI machine?

Hello, friends, welcome to today’s sharing. If you have purchased a BAI machine, are waiting for the machine to arrive or have received the machine but do not know how to unbox and assemble it, then this blog will be of great benefit to you. OK, let’s start.

How to do flat embroidery with BAI?

Hi, guys, welcome to BAI’s blog. Today we would share how to embroider a flat. If you are interested in the embroidery business and want to know how to do flat embroidery. Or if you have purchased an embroidery machine and want to learn how to do flat embroidery, then you should take a serious look at this blog. Well, let's start today's sharing.

How to embroider a T-shirt with BAI?

Hello, friends, welcome to BAI, today we would share how to embroider on T-shirt. If you have bought an embroidery machine but don't know how to operate it to embroider T-shirts, then this article will be very helpful to you. OK, let’s begin.

What should you do if the thread of embroidery machine is broken abnormally? 

Hello, friends, today we gonna talk about the issue of thread breaking in the running process of computer embroidery machine. Some customers are very concerned about this issue because it caused them some annoyance. Now let's share how to solve this problem. Generally speaking, for thread broken, there are two situations, that is : regular broken and irregular broken. There are different reasons for these two situations and different ways to deal with them.

How to start an embroidery shop ?

Hello, friends, welcome to BAI’s blog. Today I gonna show you some suggestions about how to start your embroidery shop, since many of our customers want to know more about it. OK, let’s start today’s topic. For the first step of your embroidery career, you need to choose a suitable embroidery machine which can meet your needs and and cost you the least cost. And How to find your customers ? ......

Is the $3699 embroidery machine a scam?

Hi, guys, recently I have noticed that “Price Scam” has been mentioned by many overseas buyers. Many people have doubts about Chinese products and feel that Chinese products are not trustworthy, not to mention the outrageous prices which only $3699. However, if you do some research on Chinese machines and know more about it, you would rest assured. Scam ? Oh, that isn’t it. We all know that made-in-china is famous all over the world. With the development of the modernization of the Chinese factory, Chinese brands can keep to reduce production cost, and what’s more, most of the Chinese brands will be exported from factory to end users. That’s why you can get such “Scam Price”.

How to choose your first embroidery machine ?

Hello, guys, welcome to BAI. If you wanna start your embroidery business, then how to choose a high performance, great quality and cost-effective embroidery machine would be pretty important for you. So today I’m going to help you to choose the fitted first embroidery machine, including what kind of machines are suitable for beginners and how to buy your machine more cheaply. Here are some suggestions offer to you.

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